‘My life was going to change forever’

‘My life was going to change forever’

Yonatan, 26, from Canada, has been a student of ours at Machon Milton, an English-language conversion institute, in partnership with the Rabbinical Council of America. He recently completed his conversion and was happy to write about his experience: 

“I came in contact with Shavei Israel about a year ago. At that time, I was already convinced that I was going to pursue my Orthodox conversion to Judaism (my father is Jewish, my mother is not, and this is something that has been on my mind for years), but I simply did not have the guidance of what to do next.

“I heard about Machon Milton through a friend whose father had worked with Rabbi Tradburks. From there began a regular set of classes each week, and my life was soon going to change forever.

“Rabbi Tradburks, as well as everyone else involved in teaching and administrating the Machon Milton course, has helped me not only in my Jewish learning, but of course settling into my life as an orthodox Jew. Aside from learning, they’ve also helped guide me in finding a Jewish community in Israel, and also knowing what to do each step of the conversion process with the Chief Israeli Rabbinate.

“Recently, I completed my conversion, which a few years ago I thought was unattainable. I am immensely grateful for my time as part of the Machon Milton course, and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about their conversion.”

Below: Yoni doing his first mitzvot as a Jew, tallit and tefillin and reciting the shema.

For more information about Machon Milton, please contact the Director, Rabbi Reuven Tradburks at rtradburks@gmail.com or the office of Shavei Israel, office@shavei.org or 02-625-6230