Machon Milton: Spotlight on Ashleigh Fields

Machon Milton: Spotlight on Ashleigh Fields

Machon Milton is an English language Conversion Preparation Course in Jerusalem, Israel.  It is under the auspices of the Rabbinical Council of America in partnership with Shavei Israel. Students in the course spend a year studying Judaism, learning about Jewish practices and experiencing the complete cycle of the Jewish calendar. Periodically we spotlight some of the amazing students at Machon Milton. Today we’re putting the spotlight on Ashleigh Fields, from Charleston, South Carolina in the United States.


1. What made you curious to learn more about Judaism?

“Being immersed in Judaism has been a deeply transformative process and something my soul has been searching. I’ve been on a spiritual journey for a deeper connection with HaShem for a long time. Through mindfulness tools and research I was lead to Judaism.

“I’ve had many spiritual friends and teachers that helped me along my path. Chabad in Charleston, South Carolina provided the tools that helped me connect at a deeper level to HaShem. The community at Chabad was very resourceful. The research helped me decide to convert to Orthodox Judaism.”


2. Why did you choose Machon Milton?

“My sponsoring Rabbi, Rabbi Scott Hoberman, and classmate lead me to Machon Milton. I interviewed with Rabbi Tradburks. During my interview process I could tell it would be a class that would be life changing.” 

3. What  has your experience been like at Machon Milton?

“The classes always have my soul excited about learning/studying more of the Torah, Talmud, Hebrew Language and more. It’s an important weekly reminder of the connectedness of the Jewish People and how we help each other stay connected with HaShem. I can honestly say I feel ecstatic when I’m in class and learning. Rabbi Tradburks, Dafna and Rabbi Aaron have been the absolute best. The other classmates/students have been great as well. It’s a very integrative process and class participation really helps. The students always ask questions we are all probably wondering and also give different perspectives.

“This class and the Rabbis & teachers have been an essential part of the conversion process. It has taught me so much about what it is to be a great/good Jewish person and why it’s important to do so – for HaShem, family, community and our own self connection and development. I am very blessed to be a part of this class.”


For more information, please contact the Director, Rabbi Reuven Tradburks at or the office of Shavei Israel, or 02-625-6230