‘Seven Blessings’ for the new couple

‘Seven Blessings’ for the new couple

While most newly married couples are likely to take off for a honeymoon immediately after their wedding, in Jewish tradition a bride and groom continues to celebrate with the community for a week following the wedding. Each day, the bride and groom are treated to special meals with different friends or family. These festive meals are called ‘Sheva Brachot’ or ‘Seven Blessings’ for the 7 blessings that are recited at each of these meals (as long as a quorum of 10 men are present and there is at least one new person (who hadn’t been at the wedding) present.)

Following this tradition, the staff at Shavei Israel feted our beloved newlyweds, Chaya and Eliav, on the very last day of their ‘Sheva Brachot’ along with Shavei Chairman Michael Freund, teachers at the Spanish language Machon Miriam conversion program Rav Natan Menashe and Rav Yechiel Chilewsky, plus Machon Miriam students, close friends and family of the new couple. 

A number of people spoke, including Michael Freund, who blessed the couple to improve in quality with time like a fine wine, and, like wine, to be able to take something material and make it something holy and spiritual.

We wish ‘our’ new couple only the best! Love, and happiness and to build a home of Torah and mitzvot!