The wedding we’ve been waiting for

The wedding we’ve been waiting for

Everyone at Shavei Israel rejoiced as longtime Shavei employee, Chaya, married our most recent addition, Eliav, earlier this week. But the celebration was more than just that of a wedding, and more than just that of the joy shared by coworkers.

This love story has been years in the making as Chaya and Eliav came together, literally against all odds, and from different corners of the world. Michael Freund, chairman of Shavei Israel met Eliav in Cuba 5 years ago; he wanted to help him come to Israel but it was very complicated and took until summer of 2021 for Eliav to finally arrive. Not long after that Havana meeting, Chaya joined Shavei Israel as the director of the Bnei Anousim Department. Little did she know, that the man she would one day marry was to enter her life through her work.

Once Eliav was in Israel to start his formal conversion process with Shavei Israel, he and Chaya met through the course of his program and her work… and fell in love.

Once Eliav’s conversion was final, the wedding could take place. It was a beautiful, emotional affair thanks to many people who helped, Shavei Israel, and of course the people at the Neve Chana high school, which organized and hosted the wedding.

As Michael Freund said, “I was moved nearly to tears at the wedding of Chaya (originally from Mexico) & Eliav (originally from Cuba), two very special souls who found their way back to the Jewish people and whom Hashem brought together as only He can do. May they be blessed to build a proud, patriotic and principled Jewish home here in the Land of Israel. Mazal Tov!!”

Chaya and Eliav, may your life together be as beautiful as your wedding was and may you only know blessings and happiness!!