Community Spotlight: Armenia, El Salvador

Community Spotlight: Armenia, El Salvador

Shavei Israel’s work throughout Spain, Portugal, and South America has connected us with a growing number of descendants of Bnei Anousim are emerging from the shadows of history, looking to reconnect with the Jewish people and return to the faith which was so cruelly taken away from their forefathers five centuries ago, as well as emerging Jewish communities.

The Beit Shemaya & Avtalion community in Armenia, El Salvador, was established in 2005. It’s Shomer Shabbat with a mikveh, a prayer area and an area for shechita (ritual slaughter). They are 48 families (150 people) who live in proximity to the synagogue. Almost all of them live within 1 kilometer in all directions, the synagogue being the central axis of their lives.

The community cares deeply for the values of Jewish identity and love of the state of Israel. They are located approximately 45 minutes from the capital, municipality of Armenia Sonsonate, El Salvador. The community is led by Asher Cornejo, the president of the community.