Machon Miriam celebrates conversions of two families

Machon Miriam celebrates conversions of two families

Nadav and Ruth from Colombia

Nadav, 64, and Ruth, 64, from the Jewish Community of Antioquia in Medellin, started a process of conversion with our emissary in Colombia Rav Shimon Yechua,

They were converted in Colombia by a Regional Beit Din, and they decided to make their dream come true to live in Israel. And so they started a process of conversion at our Spanish program, Machon Miriam.

Because of the Corona pandemic, they waited almost two years to finish the process but they were always happy to participate in the classes, learning Torah. They said, “We want to thank Shavei Israel for all the help provided during our process, and we don’t want to say goodbye; we would like to continue studying and volunteering and always be part of Shavei Israel!”


Perez Castillo family from Peru

Shachar,  47, and Aliza, 39, together with their children Yafa, 14, and Baruj, 12, came from Tarapoto, Perú after 14 years of studying Judaism and doing what they could towards their conversion.

They decided to come to Israel and start the conversion process at Machon Miriam. Now they have finally finished their process and as they said “Shema Israel” together it was an incredibly emotional moment!

They reported, “We are very happy to reach this moment. Despite the difficulties along the way, we made it and we are very thankful for Shavei Israel for the support, guidance and help in this important step in our lives.”