Appreciation for ‘Rav Dan’

Appreciation for ‘Rav Dan’

For things to work smoothly, there are often many moving parts and many people who move them. Sometimes there is that one pivotal human being who just makes all the difference. Rabbi Dan Zer, director of the Jerusalem district of the Conversion Authority, is one of those people.

Conversion is the process of converting a person of another religion to Judaism. The Conversion Authority was established with the purpose of providing a service to the population of converts who wish to join the Jewish people. The Authority operates in accordance with the Halachic instructions of the Chief Rabbi of Israel and has offices located in four districts in the country: North, Central, Jerusalem and South. Rabbi Dan Zer is the director of the Jerusalem branch, the one that Shavei Israel works with. 

Known as ‘Rav Dan’, the amiable rabbi has been in the position for years. He is Israeli-born, grew up in Jerusalem, and has helped thousands of people go through the conversion process. He’s particularly kind to the converts, appreciating each one as having made the difficult commitment to join the People of Israel and so he helps to make the process as smooth as possible.

Here at Shavei Israel, his kindness and dedication are not taken for granted. We work with him extensively, having converts come through our varied programs of Machon Miriam, Machon Milton, and our Bnei Menashe department. 

Recently we held an event of appreciation in honor of Rav Dan. In addition to the staff at Shavei Israel – including those from our various conversion programs and our Bnei Menashe department, there were also the Bnot Sherut who worked for him as well as a few of those who passed through the conversion programs themselves. 
He was so incredibly touched and the event was quite meaningful. 

We look forward to many more years of continuing to facilitate the smooth transition for people converting to Judaism through his capable and sensitive guidance and direction.  

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