Bnei Menashe youth leaders get a boost

Bnei Menashe youth leaders get a boost

The Bnei Akiva ‘Hamenashe’ chapter in Nof HaGalil is growing, and every kid involved is a huge achievement. When the kids and the counselors, and even the person in charge are among the Bnei Menashe community, this special chapter is like no other. 

To enhance the experience, regular support retreats are held such as the wonderful winter seminar for Bnei Menashe group leaders from the Bnei Akiva Israeli youth group this week. This was the third time these leaders from the Galilee were brought together to learn and connect with each other.

Bnei Akiva youth groups are a natural place for the mostly national-religious Bnei Menashe youth to participate, but the language and cultural barriers proved a bit daunting. Opening a Bnei Menashe branch proved to be very successful, creating a comfortable space for both the kids and the leaders. So far it has proved to be a great success.