A displaced child celebrates Chanukah under difficult circumstances

A displaced child celebrates Chanukah under difficult circumstances

Ezra Janggousang, a B’nei Menashe child displaced from the ethnic fighting in northeast India, is the adorable child seen lighting the Chanukah candles in a number of photos coming out of the Shavei Israel Centre, Churachandpur, Manipur, in northeast India.

Ezra, along with his family and all their community members of Beit Shalom, Sajal, abandoned their village on the fateful night of May 3, 2023 for their survival from the ethnic cleansing carried out by the Meitei community against the Kukis, where many B’nei Menashe lives were affected.

For the past seven months, until today, Ezra and his family have been and are among the displaced people taking shelter at the Shavei Israel Centre in Churachandpur. His father, Ronen Thangminlal, sadly died due to a heart attack in the relief camp, clearly under tremendous pressure and mental trauma, leaving his wife Batya and his two sons behind. Batya, although a widow at such a young age, is determined to take good care of her sons no matter what. She expresses her desire to make Aliyah and she hopes to celebrate Chanukah next year in the land of Israel. We hope so too!


You can help. Your generous contribution can make a difference for the hundreds of Bnei Menashe displaced from ethnic fighting in India, as well as the hundreds of Bnei Menashe evacuees in Israel who were displaced by the war.