Bnei Menashe youth explore Israel in the summer

Bnei Menashe youth explore Israel in the summer

The summer is a time when kids are out of school. And while many kids go to camp and travel, not everyone has the resources to do this and many children are left with nothing to do. 

With the support of Keren Kayemet L’Israel (KKL), a wonderful collection of trips were arranged for four different groups of Bnei Menashe to kick off the summer in a truly positive way.  

One group went to streams in the Beit Shemesh area, including a rappelling adventure; one group spent three days in the Golan Heights, one group went with Bnei Akiva’s Beit She’an branch for two days to the north of Israel, and a group from Acco went with Sherut Le’umi (National Service) girls to the Sea of Galilee.  

Hopefully they will be more fun activities arranged over the summer. Meanwhile, enjoy some photos of the incredible fun the kids had!