Despite hardships, relief and support persists

Despite hardships, relief and support persists

Two months of ethnic violence and massive displacement has devastated the Bnei Menashe community in Manipur in northeast India, and putting great strain on relief efforts, but we are doing everything we can.
A total of 292 Bnei Menashe families (numbering 1,190 men, women and children) have been forced to flee their homes since the violence began between the Meitei and Kuki tribes and most of these have been left homeless and destitute.
We continue to be deeply concerned and are doing everything we can to provide their needs and to ease this difficult time. Now the monsoon season has begun, which brings the spread of disease and worsening conditions for the refugees.
There are women and children who suffer from diseases, such as Rivka, a young girl from the Sajal community who had to be hospitalized. Shavei Israel has been taking care of her and the other refugees, providing doctors, medicine and medical service in hospitals to everyone who needs it.
We have been literally working around the clock to take care of the safety, physical, spiritual and health condition of the refugees in the four refugee camps of Shavei Israel, three in Manipur: Kangpokpi, Moreh and Churachandpur, and another camp in Aizawl, Mizoram.
In Aizawl, Mizoram, Meir Phaltuel, an emissary of Shavei Israel, traveled especially on a mission involving danger due to the war, to support the community. He is with the members of the community and the refugees who came from different places, teaching them Judaism, and makes sure that the resources that Shavei Israel transfers to the refugees reach their destination in the most efficient way.
In the past few days there has been renewed shooting in various places in Manipur, and the Kukis are not interested in help or compensation from the government. They took down the roadblocks on the main road, they burnt down one of the houses of the leaders of the tribe in Churachandpur, and the Kukis are starting to fight actively.
The Indian government will not give visas to Americans to enter to help. There is an organization from the United Nations and they also do not allow them to enter Manipur; the Meiteis do not allow people to enter the borders of the country, only their allies.
In Moreh, the curfew continues, the situation is static.
In Kangpokpi there is an obligation for adult men to draft into the army. Families are not allowed to leave their homes, those who do leave their home, all their possessions are nationalized to the organization that controls the area.
We are doing everything we can. You can help! Please make your generous donation to: Bnei Menashe Relief Fund.
While internet blockages continue, we have been able to access some images:

Shavei Israel emissary Meir Phaltuel from Nof Hagalil visiting the relief camp from Manipur in Mizoram. 


Little Rivka, from the Sajaal community, hospitalized at Churachandpur hospital.


Many Displaced Mother and their children have suffered from various illness from the monsoon season. Shavei Israel is doing everything to keep them healthy at the shavei Israel relief center.


Dr. Areh Vaiphei, who is physician by profession and also displaced from the Beth-el Langol community, provides health treatment to the displaced who are at the Shavei Israel Relief Centre. His services is free for all the displaced members.