Give hope to the Bnei Menashe

Give hope to the Bnei Menashe

Badly damaged Torah scroll in Manipur, India

Devastating news has been coming out of Manipur, India. The image of a destroyed Torah scroll in a burned out synagogue is symbolic of the rampant destruction that has swept across the region leaving nearly 300 Bnei Menashe families homeless, running for their lives, while also destroying two synagogues and a mikva.
Unfortunately the danger is far from over. The region is highly unstable, and the Bnei Menashe could not even return if they wanted to – if they had where to return to – because of the ongoing violence and terrible risk their lives.
We are working round the clock to help. We have opened relief centers and are raising money for desperately needed food, clothing and necessities.

As the families are getting as comfortable as they can in the situation, we have been trying to make things as normal as possible with programs for kids and adults, and maintaining the spirit of Shabbat and holidays, for a little spiritual breather in each long and difficult week.
People want to help, though it’s hard to know even where to begin… But you CAN can make a difference! For less then $5 a day – really! – you can feed a family; $35 can feed them for a week!
Please make your generous donation to: Bnei Menashe Relief Fund.

They’re counting on you; they’re counting on ALL of us.