Bnei Sefarad community in Cuba

Bnei Sefarad community in Cuba

The Bnei Sefarad community in Cuba is an emerging Jewish community that consists of descendants of Sephardic and Portuguese ‘Anousim’ (those who were forcibly converted in the time of the Inquisition) and have gone through a deep process of reconnecting with the Jewish roots of their ancestors, based on family histories rich in traditions of the Anousim.

Rabbi David Cordoba himself was a member of the community in the city and has acted as a spiritual leader of the Bnei Anousim communities there. The community numbers about 80 families grouped in different parts of the island, mainly in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. The community members have been undergoing a process of conversion and return to Judaism with the assistance of an Orthodox conversion court.

The social and political processes on the island also affect the daily life of the members of the Jewish communities, an extreme scarcity of resources, the absence of meat, kosher food, Jewish shops, access to Jewish literature and direct rabbinic assistance and more. Rabbi David Cordoba’s mission in the communities is to serve as a spiritual leader and try to provide all spiritual services.

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