Rav Asher visits Beit Moshe community in Mexico

Rav Asher visits Beit Moshe community in Mexico


Rav Asher with his wife Margalit

Colombian-born Rabbi Asher Abarbanel has been our much-loved representative in Cali, Colombia. Recently, Rav Asher took a trip to our Beit Moshe community in Mexico City. As the situation is difficult in Colombia, he has been exploring the idea of making the move there, to continue as our emissary in Beit Moshe.

Many of you will recall Beit Moshe as that was the community that organized the historic public Chanukah candle-lighting ceremony at the infamous Palace of the Inquisition on Chanukah with Michael Freund and Shavei Israel. 

During Rav Asher’s visit, he spent both Yom Hazikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) and Yom Haatzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) with the community, and they celebrated with special ceremonies and events. 

The community comprises close to 100 people. Beginning with its establishment in 2010 with 70 members, Mexico City’s Beit Moshe community has reconnected with Judaism and Jewish tradition. It has a synagogue, a Torah scroll and a mikvah (ritual bath). Shavei Israel emissaries have serviced the community since 2018, providing guidance on issues relating to Jewish life and helping members recover their lost Jewish identity.

They have been waiting a long time to have a rabbi. This may be just the opportunity they have been waiting for. 


Rav Asher in the Beit Moshe Synagogue


Rav Asher in the Alamos Synagogue in Mexico City