The gift of a wedding

The gift of a wedding

A beautiful wedding was held recently at the Yeshivat Bnei Akiva, Ner Tamid school in Hashmonaim. When we say it was ‘held there’, it’s not because the space was rented. Rather, it was the students in the yeshiva itself who hosted the wedding, organizing everything.

The wedding was held for a wonderful Bnei Menashe couple, Ruth and Benyamin, who made aliyah recently from Mizoram, India with the assistance of Shavei Israel.  Each year, the Ner Tamid yeshiva holds special social and educational projects and this year the students decided to organize a charity wedding, and they did this whole production at an amazing level.

Moti Yogev, a former Knesset member who works with the Bnei Menashe, was very involved with the wedding and helping to make it happen. 

Yehoshua Menashe, an exceptional photographer who is, himself, a Bnei Menashe, was on hand to document the beautiful affair, and offered his services at a deeply discounted price.

Enjoy some of Yehoshua Menashe’s beautiful photos of this emotional and meaningful wedding.