Sponsor a Prayerbook for Bnei Menashe kids

Sponsor a Prayerbook for Bnei Menashe kids

One of the big projects that Shavei Israel is constantly involved in is writing, publishing and providing necessary books and literature to the various communities we work with. These books include prayer books, Hebrew and Bible study books, and others. It is an enormous amount of work, involving research, translation, transliteration, instructions, traditions and of course all of the work required in publishing and distributing. But it is a labor of love, and one that is so important to us, and for the communities.

While many of our book projects are large projects such as prayer books, and books of the Bible, sometimes, our projects are smaller, but equally important. Such as our ‘Birkot Hashachar and Kriyat Shema’ books, for the Bnei Menashe. 

These larger print books which are more child-friendly, have the Hebrew prayers spelled out phonetically in the Bnei Menashe languages of Kuki and Mizo. An older version (pictured below) just had the bedtime ‘Shema’ prayer, but this expanded book has the morning prayers as well. 

Through steadfast perseverance, many of the Bnei Menashe learned to read and write Hebrew and are now ready to move beyond praying using transliteration. They’ve asked us to prepare a variety of books for them with Kuki and Mizo on one side and the full Hebrew text on the other, along with commentary in both local languages.

This new prayer booklet is now ready. With the help of a generous donation and our own funding, 600 copies of the new prayer booklet recently rolled off the printing presses; 300 copies in Israel and also 300 copies in Mizoram, India. The translations are in the Mizo language.

Moreover, providing the Bnei Menashe with the skills to pray in Hebrew is so important now. Fluency in Hebrew is undoubtedly the most important step towards a smooth aliyah.

You can sponsor one or more of these special books. For only $5.00, you can ensure that one of them is delivered to an eager recipient in India. With your support, the prayers of the Bnei Menashe will rise ever higher – in sure and confident Hebrew.