A new synagogue in Honduras

A new synagogue in Honduras

Shavei Israel reaches out to Lost and Hidden Jews, and helps emerging Jewish communities around the world. One such emerging Jewish community is a very special community in Honduras known as Derech HaChaim (“Way of Life” in Hebrew).

For the past five years, Shavei Israel has been assisting the members of Derech HaChaim in Honduras with guidance, educational programming and support as they seek to reclaim their Jewish roots. Despite the enormous challenges they face, the community members have made great strides in their level of Jewish knowledge and observance of the Mitzvot. They strictly follow the laws of Kashrut, observe Shabbat and the Festivals and even obtained a Sefer Torah. We are immensely proud of their dedication and commitment to Halacha and the progress they have made.

Recently, we have undertaken an initiative to build a new synagogue and mikvah (ritual bath) for the community which will provide Derech HaChaim with a suitable home and enable its members to keep Shabbat together. The building will include a number of rooms so that community members who live at a distance will be able to stay there over Shabbat. This will also enable Derech HaChaim to host visiting rabbis, teachers and guests.

At this time, we are turning to our friends and supporters to ask for help with this very special project which will galvanize the community in Honduras and strengthen them as they strive to return to our people. A sum of at least $25,000 is needed in order to complete the structure and we would be grateful for any support that you are able to provide. Any amount raised above $25,000 will go towards community outreach and programs. US tax-deductible donations may be made via credit card or PayPal. Thank you so much for your support.

Some photos of members of the beautiful Derech HaChaim community: