Spotlight on our Volunteers: Rachael Spero

Spotlight on our Volunteers: Rachael Spero

Rachael Spero is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and spent 15 years living in New York City. She went to Jewish day schools through high school and continued her Jewish education through college. She majored in studio arts and graphic design at Yeshiva University and continued studying occupational therapy at Columbia University. She recently made Aliyah to Israel and is delighted to be a part of Judaism’s every changing history.

Since high school, and despite her strong Ashkenazic roots, Rachael has always been fascinated by Sephardic Jewish history and has literally traveled the world to learn more firsthand.

In fact, Rachael has been to some of our emerging Jewish communities in South America. (Read more here:

We’re really happy that Rachael decided to give us some of her time in helping with some of our many projects and are looking forward to working with her. 

We also congratulate her on her aliyah to Israel!