Sukkot around the world – 5783

Sukkot around the world – 5783

The holiday of Sukkot is one of fresh air, family and fun.

Jewish people all over the world build special outdoor booths or huts in which to eat and even sleep throughout the week-long holiday. The huts, called sukkot, are typically built of locally-found materials and decorations, and appropriate for the climate in the various locations, which leads to unique sukkahs in accordance with the different communities.

In some ways it’s like a little camping holiday which encourages family time, special meals together and hiking or other outdoor activities.

Each year we receive hundreds of Sukkot photos from the various communities we work with throughout the world. Take a look and see what all the excitement is about. 

 Enjoy our Sukkot photo album! Hovering over individual photos will let you know where the pictures were taken.