From Toledo to Jerusalem

From Toledo to Jerusalem

At the Heichal Shlomo Jewish Art Museum in Jerusalem, the exhibition “From Toledo to Jerusalem” has been on display for several weeks, a set of works created by the artist Abraham Kron. Shavei Israel’s Ma’ani Center organized a guided tour of the museum so that friends and students of the organization could participate and enjoy the best of Jewish art. The event had two parts; the first was the visit to the museum where we had the explanation by the Heichal Shlomo guide, Ma’ayan, and the second was made by the son of the artist, Chaim Adar Eliyahu, where he told us about his conversion process to Judaism and told us about his father, Abraham Kron.

The artist’s son, our dear student and friend of Shavei Israel, was also at the museum to welcome us and explain his father’s work to those present. Pictures with beautiful and very colorful paintings adorned the walls of Heichal Shlomo while Chaim told us the story behind each piece and its most intrinsic meanings. All of us visitors were impressed by this wonderful encounter with the history of both the artist and his creation, where the spiritual and the material came to life between the brush and the canvas, as each stroke evidenced a deep love for the land of Israel and his deep Sephardic roots and an indisputable and vibrant Jewish identity.

We want to thank our friend Chaim for the warm welcome, as it was an afternoon of pure art and tradition in a very beautiful place, where ongs, poems and the smiles of all our guests were in abundance. 

Article and Photos by Eliav Riera