Tales of Bnei Anousim

Tales of Bnei Anousim

As part of our  Maani Center programming, with the help and advice of Shaar Binyamin and our dear friend Federico Pipman, representative of Mama Mía 360, this week there was a special personal stories panel called “Tales of Bnei Anousim.” We had, as special guests, Rav Eliahu Franco from El Salvador and Eliav Riera from Cuba.

The stories were very moving and truly inspired all who participated. It comes to demonstrate the importance of the Jewish people throughout history. Our guests shared their experience of returning to Judaism and the hard road they went through, as well as all the blessings and miracles that they saw on their way and that they continue to see in their lives built now in the land of Israel.

You can hear stories for yourself in the videos we share below (in Spanish). 

First Part 

Second Part 


We also invited Rav Natan Menashe who captivated us with a special class entitled “Discovery” where he exposes the discovery of the secrets found in the Tanach and the surprising revelations of the Megillat Esther. In the book of Esther there are the omens of the events that would later happen to the Jewish people and the remarkable performance of Queen Esther who, like many of the Bnei Anusim, later had to hide her Judaism and her origin to save her lives and that of the entire Jewish people.


We also had the honor of meeting two important personalities “by chance” Israel Gantz, mayor of Shaar Binyamin, and the author and writer of the book Pninei Halacha, Rav Eliezer Melamed, visited us, where he shared a beautiful message about Tisha B’Av.

The event was cataloged by many as an enriching and necessary meeting where each person present was able to learn a little more about Judaism and about the personal stories of the guests who, in a special way, help to strengthen and encourage the Jewish people and people in process. conversion to Judaism.

See all the photos of the event in this link.