Clothing for kids

Clothing for kids

Despite many challenges, we were blessed to bring over 700 Bnei Menashe from India to Israel between December 2020 and December 2021. These new olim (immigrants) each spent their first few months in Israel in our absorption centers, after which they were absorbed in Nof Hagalil in the north. 

Since then a number of initiatives have brought clothing, gifts and toys to the new immigrants, helping them ease their way to their new lives in Israel.

One such initiative has been entirely the project of Tamara Okun, of Neve Daniel. Tamara runs a ”gemach’, or a Jewish recycling agency of sorts. Tamara collects gently-used clothing that has been donated. Now, already a few times, she has gone through her collection, selected appropriate items, and made organized packages with size and gender clearly marked. She does this for dozens of children, and then delivers the items to our offices, much to the amazement of the staff at seeing how well organized it was, and easy to give out to the kids. 

Finally, the items are loaded up into vehicles and brought all to the newest immigrants, currently in Nof Hagalil, and distributed to very happy Bnei Menashe children. 

What an amazing project!