After the flood…

After the flood…

When we say Shavei Israel’s staff works hard, day and night we mean it. This week, working ‘night’ was a lot truer than we would’ve liked… But when our staff was called to the office at midnight to deal with a burst pipe and subsequent flood in our Jerusalem offices, they went without hesitation and did whatever they could to stop the flow of water that had filled the classroom floor, where we hold our Machon Miriam and Machon Milton conversion course classes, with several inches, and to push the water out, and try to minimize what was already clearly a lot of damage.

Our carpets are soaked, and the damage to tables, chairs, books and educational materials, as well as structural damage, is extensive. But our spirits are high, and we will continue to hold all of our classes! Albeit, by zoom, for at least the next several weeks. 

Thank God we are insured, which will cover most, but not all of the costs. We are working to clean up, repair and replace everything as soon as possible. We offer all of our Machon Miriam and Machon Milton classes free of charge – and will continue to do so!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to offer support and good wishes. If you’d like to make a donation go to