Building a Jewish Community Center in Cali, Colombia

Building a Jewish Community Center in Cali, Colombia

It’s always very exciting to see our emerging communities growing and flourishing. We’re therefore thrilled about the new project of the Maguen Abraham community in Cali; after 10 years of working together they have started to build their dream. While the community has existed, there was no official meeting place. They are now building a modest center which will open its doors to all those who want it, and where, together, they will be able to gather and pray. 

The project includes the construction of a 3-level building. The first level will be used for the event hall where the festive meals will be held. On the second level, the synagogue will be located with space for 130 people. It will be comfortable and built under the guidelines of Jewish law. On the third level, the talmud Torah (day school) will be built with rooms for children and meeting rooms for women.

The project is ambitious; it also includes a mikveh (ritual bath), a kosher restaurant and a Judaica store.

We’re truly looking forward to seeing this dream realized, and watch the community center be built. If you would like to support this incredible project, that will surely benefit to the greater community there and all those who visit it, please Click Here and choose ‘Cali Synagogue’.