Preparing for Passover, Shavei-style

Preparing for Passover, Shavei-style

With the wide variety of communities that Shavei Israel works with, literally in every corner of the globe, there are numerous activities and programs as people prepare for the Passover holiday. 

As the festivities include much preparation, and there are many specific laws and details that need to be adhered to with regards to cleaning for Passover and the entire celebration process, there are seminars, classes, as well as campaigns to provide the newest immigrants with their needs for this expensive holiday. 

In Nof Hagalil, where there are over 1000 new Bnei Menashe immigrants from northeast India, we organized special gift cards and other gifts and necessities for Passover: 

In Cali, Colombia, Rav Asher gave a detailed video seminar explaining the entire Passover seder, step by step. 

In Ambato, Ecuador the community held an interactive zoom lecture by Rav Aaron Gulman entitled, “It is time to leave Egypt”. The program was moderated by Renan Munoz Palacios, Shavei Israel’s representative in Ecuador. 

Another Spanish-language program hosted on the popular was geared specifically toward Torah- and Jewish community-leaders leaders, led by Rav Shmuel Kornblit. The program focused on the messages in the Torah about the story of Pesach and the exodus from Egypt and stories in the Hagadda. 

In the Beith Hillel community in Bogotá, Colombia, our emissary Rav Shimon Yechua taught an online class about the details of the halachot (laws) of Pesach.