Community Spotlight: Cali, Colombia

Community Spotlight: Cali, Colombia

The emerging Jewish community of Cali, Colombia, called Magen Abraham, has been active for about ten years under the leadership of Rabbi Asher A. Abarbanel.

Graduated from the Yeshiva SSC Sephardic Midrash of the Old City of Jerusalem, Rabbi Abarbanel’s specialties include the formation and coordination of community projects. Additionally, he is a Mohel (performs ritual circumcision) and represents Colombia in several International Kashrut certifying organizations. He also has a degree in Philosophy and History.

The Jewish community of Magen Abraham is actually located south of the city of Cali, and consists of about a hundred people. The synagogue is an important center for the people. Prayer services and Torah study are held daily; they have a morning kolel to study the Talmud in depth.

Additionally, the community organizes and hosts a variety of weekly activities which focus on children, women, couples, etc.

The synagogue has three Torah scrolls, and they hope that before Passover they will move to their new, expanded building that will have all the necessary facilities including a mikvah (ritual bath).