Authentic Sephardic-Turkish Borrecas

Authentic Sephardic-Turkish Borrecas

If you’re looking for authentic Sephardic delicacies, look no further than internet personality ‘Sally That Girl In The Kitchen.’

Here she shows you how to make authentic Sephardic-Turkish Borrecas (potato and cheese hand pies).

“If you’ve never had an authentic Sephardic-Turkish Borreca before, you are in for quite a treat! This recipe has been handed down in my family for generations, and is truly a Sephardic-Turkish delicacy! I’ll teach you how to make them just like my grandmothers made them back in Turkey, with their delicious Kashkaval Cheese and potato filling, and their flaky handmade crust. Once you try an authentic Sephardic-Turkish Borreca, you’ll be hooked for life! As always, the tools you’ll need and the exact ingredients with their precise measurements are listed right after my introduction in the video.”