An Israeli (style) wedding in Colombia

An Israeli (style) wedding in Colombia

We are always happy to see how our communities grow and become stronger. A marriage within the community is a great example of this and we are very proud, as well as happy for the new couple.

When Hillel David, from the community of Beit Hillel in Bogota, and Keyla Yehudit, from the community in Bucaramanga, announced their engagement, it was very exciting and naturally brought great joy to their families, the community and to us. However, seeing the beautiful photographs and videos of the celebration, we were surprised to see an Israeli-style wedding, including the music!

The wedding was officiated by Rav Shimon Yechua, Shavei Israel’s emissary in Colombia who told us, “I felt very happy to see Hillel married. I have known Hillel for over seven years, since the beginning of my days as a rabbi in Colombia. I saw him grow in his endeavors and his spiritual life. Now my wishes for Hillel and Keyla are for them to build a home together with love, peace, joy and abundant blessings.”

Amen to that!! Mazal tov!