Bnei Menashe Personal Story: Meira Singson

Bnei Menashe Personal Story: Meira Singson

Shalom! My name is Meira Nemneikim Singson. From the moment I heard the news that I along with my remaining three children could be making aliyah this year, I have been filled with joy. My other children (three daughters) made Aliyah earlier this year and their uncle have made Aliyah a few years back. I am literally dying to join them. The idea of joining them has made me smile non-stop . I cannot control my happiness. I am that excited.

My daughters are Lhingneilam Ashira, Tingneinem Amina, and Nemmalson Alishiva who all made Aliyah earlier this year and live in Nof Hagalil.

Altogether I have five daughters and a son. I run a small variety store in my village of Monglenphai, Churachandpur, Manipur. Our life is not always that fortunate. In 2011 my beloved husband, that late Pautinlal Singson,  left this world to be with his creator eternally. Since then, my children are my only happiness. Three of them got married and made aliyah with their husbands. I am very happy for them but on the other hand I was extremely sad because I miss them a lot and have not seen them for years. I love Zion and I love my children. I pray to Hashem many times for our unification.

I would like to thank the Israeli government and all the people and organizations around the world who are involved in organizing and contributing to our cause. G-d Bless!

Toda Rabba!

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