Bnei Menashe personal story: Reuven and Yokhevet

Bnei Menashe personal story: Reuven and Yokhevet

Reuven and Yokhevet Thongkhai Haokip from Nagaland, India, are anxiously awaiting their Aliyah date and the reunification of their family. When people ask them why they want to leave the good life they have in India, they respond: “If our father Avraham was willing to leave his land and his father’s house for the Promised Land, why shouldn’t we?”

Reuven, a retired police officer, and Yokhevet, a homemaker, have four daughters and two sons. Their eldest daughter, Maayan, made Aliyah in 2007 and lives with her husband and three daughters.

In 2015, their daughters Ayelah and Sarah also made Aliyah and created their families. They haven’t met since they moved to Israel.  Help us bring the rest of the family — Reuven, Yokhevet, their daughter Dinah, and two sons Amos and Joshua — to Israel soon.  “Many years have passed since we were waiting for Aliyah, even then we have not lost our faith for a single day. May it be HaShem’s will that we shall reunite soon.”

You can help Reuven and Yokhevet and their family, and other Bnei Menashe like them who are awaiting their aliyah dream! Support Shavei Israel.

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Laura Ben-David