Counting down the days to their aliyah

Counting down the days to their aliyah

We’re going to be bringing 250 new immigrants. With your help it will be possible! Here’s the story of one family who is anxiously awaiting:

For Ofer Kolny, 44, making aliyah has been a dream for him and his wife and their two children. A college graduate working as a private teacher, Ofer always wanted to move to Israel and become a rabbi. He has renewed his passport three times while waiting for his chance to make aliyah to Israel. As he says, “One of the most important mitzvot Torah commandments is to live in Israel; to be in the Promised Land. Otherwise we are incomplete.”

Now that he has a family, he hopes to at least be able to study Torah regularly once in Israel. Ofer has always felt unsettled in India and he is counting down the days for his family to finally call Israel “home.”

Ofer’s wife, Tehila, who does what she can to supplement their income, is excited as well. The boys, Itzhak who’s eight and Yuval, who’s four, are already dreaming about their future role in the IDF. “My older son, who is in second grade, wants to be an army officer. But my little one, who’s only four, is already planning on being an Israeli Air Force pilot!”

Please help Ofer and his family to make aliyah. The cost is $1000 per person so in the case of Ofer and his family just $4000 will allow them to fulfill their dream.

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