fulfilling dreams and changing lives

fulfilling dreams and changing lives

Shlomit Chawngthu, a young Bnei Menashe woman, immigrated to Israel in 2017 with her parents and brothers. While still in India, Shlomit completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, graduating with honors. Yet when it came time to go to school for a nursing degree in Israel, Shlomit found the costs of schooling to be prohibitive.

Shavei Israel facilitates a program that provides scholarships for immigrants like Shlomit to help and assist her to complete her studies successfully.

Shavei’s founder and chairman, Michael Freund said, “We are really proud of Shlomit and Shavei is delighted to be able to help her to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse. Israel has a shortage of nurses so by assisting Shlomit and others like her, we are not only securing her with a career path but also helping Israeli society as a whole.”

Shavei Israel is grateful to generous donors in Singapore who provided Shlomit with the support.

The current group is down to just two students after three others unfortunately dropped out due to financial difficulties and lack of funds. We’re determined to make sure all who wish to participate in these programs are able to. To sponsor a scholarship or make a donation click here. Thank you in advance!



Laura Ben-David