Flying high in the Israeli Air Force

Flying high in the Israeli Air Force

Ma’ani Center, a Shavei Israel project sponsored by Israel’s Ministry of Culture, had its latest ‘Higanu Habaita’ program. This series of seminars, whose title means ‘We’ve returned home,’ introduces new immigrants with exceptional stories.

This week we brought Yonatan Kashtan who served from 2016-2019 in the International Relations Unit of the Israeli Air Force, Yonatan, who was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1996, immigrated to Israel with his mother in 2008.

After graduating from high school, Yonatan served as a pre-military preparatory engineer and then three years in the Air Force. both of which have been his most significant experiences to date.

Yonatan shared his fascinating story, in Spanish, and was well-received by the packed room. Our deepest thanks to Yonatan for his time and dedication and looking forward to our next ‘Higanu Habaita’ program!



Laura Ben-David