Shavei’s Chinese Birkon comes in handy

Shavei’s Chinese Birkon comes in handy

As many people know, one of Shavei Israel’s many projects is curating, writing and publishing books and materials in numerous languages, translations and transliterations for our various communities across the globe. Sometimes these publications find other uses which we’re more than happy to provide for.

This week we had such an opportunity when an Israeli was hosting a group of colleagues for Shabbat who happen to be Chinese, and he discovered our Chinese birkon (book of blessings related to meals) and realized how much it could add to their experience.

It took a bit of last minute scrambling but they managed to get the birkonim in time, and they reported back that our Chinese birkonim were amazing and they allowed their Chinese guests to follow the Friday evening Shabbat ceremony, and added a lot to their experience of Israel and the Jewish culture.

As for us? We’re just thrilled we could make a difference for them!