Shavei Israel fundraising challenge a success!

Shavei Israel fundraising challenge a success!

In June, Shavei Israel’s offices were buzzing with activity as we faced our biggest fundraising challenge ever, facilitated by the online fundraising platform ‘Charidy‘: To raise $270,000 in 36 hours!

We prepared for weeks. On the day of the campaign we armed ourselves with computers, volunteers, balloons, snacks, cellphones, and the phone numbers of lots of friends and supporters.  Over the next 36 hours there was non-stop activity as we called, texted, whatsapped, emailed, and posted on social media in an attempt to reach all of the people who care about our important mission.

Toward the waning hours of the campaign we suddenly realized we were actually about to reach our goal. We gathered around the computer waiting and watching our Charidy page with tense anticipation. Suddenly the website blinked and a shower of balloons and confetti highlighted the new total: $278,183. We had done it!!! But more than that, YOU ALL had done it. We never could have gotten close to our goal without the love and support of our friends all over the world. Support that helps so many return to their lost Jewish heritage. Support that will specifically help bring 230 Bnei Menashe on aliyah next week!

So, thank you! And let’s get to work… there is so much more to be done.

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Laura Ben-David