Beautiful wedding in Shvut Rachel

Beautiful wedding in Shvut Rachel

Yaakov, 45, immigrated to Israel about 3 years ago from Colombia because he decided he wanted to convert after attending Torah lessons and praying in the Magen Abraham Jewish community in Cali, Colombia. He contacted Shavei Israel, which, among other things, helps all those who want to return to their Jewish roots and connect with Judaism and the Land of Israel.

Yaakov studied in the Machon Miriam Spanish conversion program and completed his conversion process in 2019. He currently lives in Kibbutz Migdal Oz and his dream is to build a Jewish home and dedicate his life to his community and family.

Yael, 35 years old, emigrated from Colombia to Israel a year ago because she decided that she wanted to live a religious life and observe Torah and mitzvot in the land of Israel. She also contacted Shavei Israel and recently completed her conversion process.

The beautiful couple decided to unite their destinies and start a new life together. We’re so happy for them and we are even more happy to be part of their happiness and to see their goal fulfilled: “to form a Jewish home”. They don’t have much family in Israel so Shavei Israel contacted Yedidia Herman from the “VeSamakhta” organization to help them organize a wedding from A to Z.

The wedding was a unique event, the atmosphere of happiness and rejoicing was in the air, the organization, plus the community of Shvut Rachel, not only prepared the wedding, they also made the bride and groom happy. Below we share some images from photographer Yonathan Bore and a video of the religious ceremony under the Chuppah (wedding canopy).

May Yaakov and Yael have abundant blessings from heaven!