Visiting the Tomb of the Patriarchs

Visiting the Tomb of the Patriarchs

This week Shavei Israel and students from Machon Miriam’s conversion program participated in a trip to Hebron organized by the Tiferet organization and the Jerusalem Municipality under the wonderful guidance of Diego Hakohen and Rav Aryeh Natan.

The walk began in Mearat Hamachpela (Tomb of the Patriarchs) in Hebron, where the tombs of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the people of Israel are located. Together they were able to witness the beauty and holiness of the memorial and pray in the sacred place.

Rav Arieh Natan told them about the secrets and stories that surrounded the blessed place, where he also took the opportunity to impart Torah messages to all those present.

Eliav Riera, a former student of Machon Miriam remarked on the trip, “I have always wondered why the first territory, the first piece of land that belonged to Israel begins in a tomb, in the tomb that Abraham bought. People would think that it must have been in a solemn place, perhaps a spring or a palace, but it is quite the opposite. I like to think that Abraham recognized that physical life is temporary, but spiritual life transcends time and space, just as the Jewish people transcends the years through eternity…” 

“The tour was fantastic,” commented Rut Stroe, director of the Tiferet organization. “We felt as if we were flowing with the aroma of Gan Eden, connecting with our roots, our ancestors!”

A part of the trip also took place in what is traditionally known as the tomb of Ishay and Ruth, the ancestors of King David. All the people there were able to learn and hear explanations about the place and also had time to take pictures of the memorable moment.

Here are some photos and videos of such a wonderful experience: