The candle will not be extinguished…

The candle will not be extinguished…

“The candle was not extinguished, and will not be, as it wasn’t where Judaism was threatened and Jews were in danger.”

It’s a great pleasure to present the book ‘Three Kerchiefs’ (Shalosh Mitpachot)  by author Hana Tueg that was published this year. Hana Tueg is a respected author and to date she has written five books in Hebrew.

According to the author: “Each of my books resonates with a Jewish melody box. I am interested in the common destiny that we have as Jews, and especially in the faded and painful Jewish history throughout the years of our existence, as a separate people scattered throughout the Diaspora.

“So I came to the subject of the martyrs that fascinated me, because it revealed the mental strength of the Jews who were forced to live a double identity. Some were tortured, burned and oppressed but did not renounce their Judaism. Even today, we see many descendants discovering by chance or through research their Jewish roots and seeking to return home, and to their true homeland.

“After extensive research on the subject, which included reference books, museums, and a visit to Portugal, accompanied by wonderful institutions that helped me like Shavei Israel, I began to write the book that focused on Belmonte, a town in the northeast of Portugal, which kept its Judaism a secret for about five hundred years.

“My book focuses on a family and, in particular, a granddaughter (Isabel) who looks for her roots to reconstruct her new-found Jewish identity, which links between the past and the present between the root and the branch. A nation that does not know its past cannot build a meaningful present and future for itself.”


Hana approached “Shavei Israel” in the process of writing her book, and we were thrilled to find references to Michael Freund, the founder of the organization, and Chaya Castillo, director of the Bnei Anusim Department in the book.
We highly recommend the book ‘Three Handkerchiefs’ and wish Hana great success, and through her book many more are inspired and returned to her Jewish roots as described in the book with great talent.