Chanukah around the World – 2021

Chanukah around the World – 2021

This year, we were overwhelmed – in a good way! – with photos and videos of light and celebration from our communities around the world as they celebrated the holiday of Chanukah. Perhaps it was because there was so much darkness these past two years, with Covid; and though we have a ways to go in getting past this pandemic, people are truly seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and these photos are proof.

Some highlights from this year are the Bnei Menashe at our absorption center in Goren in the north of Israel, celebrating their very first Chanukah in the Holy Land. Also see Chanukah celebrations in Cuba, and some photos of the wonderful dreidels we made with Mandarin writing for our Kaifeng Jewish community. 

So explore the jelly donuts, lit candles in menorahs of every size and shape, the happy faces, decorations and celebrations!

Chanukah Around the World – 2021