A mikva for Medellin, Colombia

A mikva for Medellin, Colombia

A mikvah is being built in Medellín, Colombia, to serve 50 families in the community who, for years, have had to travel several hours each time they needed to go to the mikvah.

Currently the members of the community of Medellín spend the entire afternoon traveling when they need to go to the nearest mikvah, and this, just hoping that there was enough rain and the water level is in optimal condition or the place is clean and calm to do the ritual immersion. In particular, the women are quite uncomfortable but do what they can to be able to fulfill this mitzvah, the darkness of the forest and the bugs hovering around are not pleasant at all, but as it is the closest place, she carefully descends the smooth rocks, makes her immersion, and a few minutes later is ready for her long journey back home. This is the story of more than 50 women at least every month in the city of Bello, women belonging to Jewish, Torah-observing families.

But, although the effort may be admirable and we could even say sacrifice that these women make, it should not be like that; Jewish women should be able to perform the commandments with dignity and a modicum of comfort.

And so, we are solving this problem by building a mikvah in a safe place, much closer, and with the conditions that this precious ritual deserves.

Rav Elad Villegas comments, “Thanks to the effort and help of the members of the Jewish Community of Antioquia and the generosity of some people, we have started the construction of our mikvah, we have already made the complete structure; we still have to prepare the space, this is the veneer, build the floor, bathroom, furnish, place the heating, raise walls and ceiling, we know that much is missing, but we also know that everything has its beginning so we continue standing working hard to carry out this work, which will benefit more than 50 families in our community, families from other communities in various municipalities and Jews who are passing through the city for various reasons.”

They’re almost done! It will only take $3000 to complete the mikvah! You can participate in this important mitzvah by sending your generous contribution today.