From San Salvador to the birth of a ‘sabra’

From San Salvador to the birth of a ‘sabra’

When Efrat and Chaim Menjivar came to Israel two years ago from their native San Salvador, they couldn’t imagine the joy they would be experiencing a mere two years later. Efrat and Chaim, students at our Machon Miriam, shared their exciting news with us: the brit mila of their first son, a ‘sabra’ (native-born Israeli) Netanel Meir.

Having recently finished the conversion process, we have had the pleasure to see their progress and growth here in Israel. Since coming from San Salvador almost two years ago, we have been with them every step of the way.

Chaim shared, “The truth is that Hashem has made us live an incredible story from the beginning of our process, then our aliyah (immigration to Israel) and now the baby… everything arrived in the perfect time, even my mother-in-law’s arrival, as she got off the plane on the day of Netanel’s birth. We really feel the divine providence in our lives.

“Hashem has provided people who helped us so much,  and for whom we are so grateful. Shavei Israel was part of all this. I’m very happy…” 

Members of the community from El Salvador who made aliyah in recent years also participated in the happy event. Rav Eliahu Franco, a good friend of the family and previous president of the community in El Salvador had the honor of being a sandak.

What a beautiful event, by a family that truly exemplifies a commitment to Torah and faith. We wish Chaim and Efrat, and especially little Netanel Meir, much happiness, joy and blessings!