Bnei Menashe personal story: Misao family

Bnei Menashe personal story: Misao family

Batya Misao, 43, from Manipur in northeast India, has been dreaming about making aliyah to Israel for as long as she could remember. Once she married Samuel and they started a family, the dream grew to include their children, Ellan, 12; Leah, 9; Zohar, 5; and Nuriah, 3. Unfortunately the dream shifted tragically when Batya’s husband Samuel died last year in a devastating car accident. 

Since then, Batya has managed to put the pieces together of their life and has managed as a single mom, always with a positive attitude, still waiting for the day that she could bring her family to Israel, to fulfil their dream, and return to Zion and carry on the memory of her husband in the Promised Land.

Finally, in the middle of the coronavirus crisis in India, an emergency measure by the State of Israel that had been lobbied for by Shavei Israel was about to make the family dream come true. Unfortunately their family was not able to avoid the virus that has had India practically under siege and the entire family had to go into quarantine, delaying their aliyah yet again as they wait for an as-yet-to-be-determined amount of time for the quarantine to be lifted for them so they may continue their journey to the Land they have awaited for as long as they could recall. 

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Laura Ben-David