Bnei Menashe personal story: Ari Singson

Bnei Menashe personal story: Ari Singson

Ari Singson is the oldest brother of five. In 2018, his whole family, except for Ari himself, was able to make Aliyah thanks to Shavei Israel. They settled in Beit She’an, which was allotted to the tribe of Menashe in Torah times, which was and still is very moving for the family. 

Ari got married to his wife Asher in 2015, and on January 13th last year they were blessed with a son named Benya. Soon, Ari and his family will be able to return to the Holy Land where the rest of the family, and the land of our ancestors, are waiting. Ari says that it’s “no less than a miracle for our family, and all of it is possible thanks to Shavei Israel’s selfless efforts to bring the Bnei Menashe back to the Promised Land. G-d bless Am Yisrael, G-d bless Shavei Israel.”



Laura Ben-David