nearly 10,000 shekels raised to help a Bnei Menashe widow with Coronavirus

nearly 10,000 shekels raised to help a Bnei Menashe widow with Coronavirus

“Michael, there is one more family who really need financial assistance. Tamar, a widow with two children, aged 14 and 17 years. She was tested corona positive end of September, did a second test after 14 days still tested positive. She is the only bread earner in the family. She is so worried about her house rent and other basic necessities. If we could help her it will really be a relief and a great mitzvah. Her monthly basic necessary budget is ₪ 5000. Any amount no matter part of or full will help her overcome her precarious situation.”

This letter is one of many similar letters that Michael Freund, Founder & Chairman of Shavei Israel, has received since the start of the global coronavirus pandemic. This time help came in the form of Rabbi Tuly Weisz, and the Israel365 Charity Fund. By reaching out to his vast network he managed to secure nearly 10,000 shekels, helping Tamar and her family pay rent, keep their fridge stocked, and allow her to recover from the Coronavirus without worrying about the debt she will have to face alone after she recovers.

We are so grateful to generous-hearted people like Rabbi Weisz whose initiatives make an enormous difference for the Bnei Menashe and so many other needy people in our communities.

To give to our Emergency Coronavirus Campaign and help people like Tamar and her family click here.



Laura Ben-David