From French model to observant Jew in Israel

From French model to observant Jew in Israel

Recently, Shavei Israel’s Founder & Chairman Michael Freund had the opportunity of attending the formal acceptance ceremony of Iris Sarg, a former model and actress from France, at the Rabbinical Conversion Court in Jerusalem. 

“Attending a person’s conversion is always an inspiring and moving experience, particularly when the person involved made such enormous sacrifices and demonstrated such incredible commitment to tie their fate with the people of Israel,” Freund said. 

Iris, with no prior Jewish experience or background, turned to Shavei Israel and we’re proud to have been able to assist her in her journey.

“My conversion was a real rebirth for me.  It is a journey of healing and of deep reconnection with the person and the Jewish soul that I really am.  I thank G-d every day for welcoming me among his Bnei Yisrael (children of Israel).  My soul and my heart feel so blessed, so happy, so grateful to be a part of the Jewish people and to be today ‘Iris Yiskah Ilana’. Thank you Shavei Israel for your incredible support and for accompanying me throughout my conversion and during my Beit Din.”

Shavei Israel remains committed to do more, much more, to welcome sincere proselytes with warmth and appreciation into the people and State of Israel. 



Laura Ben-David