Corona crisis hits Israel’s new immigrants

Corona crisis hits Israel’s new immigrants

As we all know, the world is currently grappling with the unprecedented threat posed by the coronavirus and this of course has affected Shavei Israel and its communities around the globe. Our staff and emissaries are continuing to work, albeit remotely, with our lost and hidden Jewish communities worldwide, doing our best to give them strength and encouragement during these difficult days while also strictly adhering to government-mandated health and safety protocols. 

A growing number of Israelis – including Bnei Menashe new immigrants from India and Chinese Jews from Kaifeng –  are losing their jobs and sources of livelihood. In fact, 15-20 families have already been put on unpaid leave from their jobs. This has only contributed to the sense of uncertainty and fear that many already feel.

Hence, we are turning to you – our loyal friends and supporters – and asking you to please help us so we can help them. There are many families in need among the new immigrants and these needs will only grow with the approach of the holiday. If you can help in any way, we would be happy to disburse your donations to needy new immigrant families at this time. CLICK to donate. 

Thank you so much for your continued support and friendship. We wish you all health and strength to get through this challenging time and we pray that the Creator will heal the sick and have mercy on mankind.