Celebrating the ‘new Year for the Trees’

Celebrating the ‘new Year for the Trees’

The Jewish holiday of Tu B’shvat is also known as “Rosh Hashana for the Trees.” As we celebrate, in Israel and around the world, people enjoy the fruit of the trees – especially those of the seven species of Israel. Another ubiquitous Tu Beshevat activity is planting trees which sends a message of solidarity to future generations (who will be the ones to appreciate the planting done today) and emphasizes the back-to-nature side of Judaism that is meant to go hand-in-hand with Torah learning and prayer. .

Our communities around the world have been doing just that. And we have lots of pictures…

Chazon Ish community in Chile:

Bnei Menashe community in Mizoram

Shaar Hashamayim community in Guatemala:

Beit Toldot community in Guayaquil, Ecuador

And even our Machon Milton students right here in Jerusalem:

Armenia, El Salvador