Inspiring success – in Spanish

Inspiring success – in Spanish

A recurring theme among the ‘olim’ (immigrant) community to Israel is the desire to ‘give back’ to those who are going through what you yourself have gone through. Ilan Bresler, a financial consultant from Argentina, does just that.

Bresler is an entrepreneur with a financial consulting firm in Israel called Cucu. Having made aliyah 23 years ago, Bresler now gives training and coaching to Spanish-speaking people in Israel who wish to start their own businesses.  Bresler motivates and encourages people to get started and overcome their fear despite being in a new country and not necessarily having strong Hebrew language skills. 

This week Shavei Israel’s Ma’ani Center hosted Ilan Bresler to offer a special financial seminar in Spanish in our Jerusalem offices. An enthusiastic group of nearly 20 people of different backgrounds and from different countries participated. Some of the participants are conversion students of Shavei’s Machon Miriam conversion institute. 

After the meeting people were very grateful to Shavei Israel for bringing Bresler because he encouraged them to start their lives in Israel and to believe that they, too, can make their dreams come true. People felt more motivated to learn Hebrew and establish their lives in Israel. There was a palpable energy force galvanizing the people in attendance, and Bresler, himself, thoroughly enjoyed the energy and excitement of the group.

We wish all the participants great success in their business plans and endeavors and look forward to more inspiring programs at the Ma’ani Center!