Winter Camp in Colombia

Winter Camp in Colombia

This week was a fun and unforgettable time for the children of our communities in Colombia! They participated in a fabulous ‘camp’, organized by the Jewish Community of Antioquia. It offered programming for 60 children between ages 4 and 12, from all of the communities that make up ACI Colombia.

On the ‘Jerusalem Farm’ in the municipality of Guarne, the camp began with dynamic meet-and-greet programming so that all of the individual children felt like a real, cohesive group.

The program included different activities such as arts and crafts, and confectionery workshops, games with water (it’s quite warm over there in December!), the ‘soapy track’, paintball court, dance, Torah learning and tefillah (prayers). The children learned a lot on the theme of the importance of peace and friendship. They also shared an end-of-camp kumzitz (musical campfire.

We congratulate the community of Antoquia for its initiative, under the direction of R. Elad Villegas. Well done!