A boy from Ecuador is a bar-mitzvah in Jerusalem

A boy from Ecuador is a bar-mitzvah in Jerusalem

David Peretz, a young Jewish boy from Ecuador, immigrated to Israel with his family not long ago, dreaming of celebrating his bar-mitzvah with his family in Jerusalem. Last week, his dream came true, and the Peretz family enjoyed a beautiful and emotional event that became possible thanks to the support of Shavei Israel.

David and his family’s road to Jerusalem was long and complicated. Their path to Judaism started in 2014 when David’s father, Yochanan, got acquainted with Rabbi Shimon Yehoshua, Shavei’s emissary in Colombia. After intensive studies the family decided to go through an official conversion process in Miami and spent a year in Colombia to lead a full Jewish life in close proximity to the local community. Later they succeeded in making Aliyah and resided first in Carmiel and then in Jerusalem.

The Peretz family is very excited and grateful to Shavei Israel for the opportunity to hold such a touching and nice event. The bar mitzvah was attended by Rav Yitzchak Abelson and Rav Shlomo Waghnon, the rabbis of the family who shared divrei Torah and encouraging speeches, Chaya Castillo of Shavei Israel, family members who came from Ecuador to celebrate with David and share these special and happy moments with him, and his yeshivah classmates from Carmiel.

We’re happy to share some photos (credit: Yacob Frias) and a sweet video where David speaks about the meaning of his bar-mitzvah and thanks everyone who helped to make this day so special.